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Omaha MBJ: "Move to Full-Service Facility Represents Expansion in Metro for VTI Security"

Posted on Monday, February 05, 2018

As written in the January 26th Edition of Midlands Business Journal by Becky McCarville:

Since opening in 2015, VTI Security's Omaha office has grown from two colleagues and an 800 sf office to 10 colleagues and a 5,000 sf facility it recently moved into, according to Account/Project Manager Matt Larson.  The new location boasts a full warehouse, elevated dock for large items, a lab for set-up, complete office space, and the company's third Learning Center.  "Omaha, like many of offices in the U.S., was opened in response to the request of a trusted business partner building a major data center in the area," said Larson, who runs the local office.  "Our commitment and investment in Omaha continues."

VTI Security was founded in 1980, in response to client needs for an integration partner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, and offers, design, install, and support services for a full range of advanced security technologies.

"Omaha aligned with a number of aspects in how we look at our business and growth strategy," said Director of Business Development Stephen Fisher.  "Like Milwaukee, Denver and Amarillo, our clients drove our need to be present in Omaha."  Fisher noted VTI Security enjoyed business in the metro for many years.  "And with a large client requiring a full-time presence, it opened the door to be able to service and support our base directly, as opposed to through our partner networks developed over 35 years," he said.  Fisher also noted the Omaha location aligns geographically between existing brick and mortar in the middle of the U.S.  He continued: "Our due diligence identified a number of exciting advances in health care, technology (and/or) data centers, and utility (and/or) energy investments in this market.  There is a growth energy here."

For example, leadership reports a full range of clients in the above areas in teh metro, as well as, in education and local and state government.  "We've found the end-users in Omaha are quite educated and eager to find a trusted business partner who values education, the ability to develop forward-thinking and strategic plans for the horizon, and who understand the importance of performance," Fisher said.  "There seems to be an importance placed on investing in leading companies in our industry that are proven - not by how long they've been here, but by the people whose trust they have earned."

Senior Account Manager Gary Wiekel referred to the firm's recent investments in training, leadership, and certification in direct response to the increase in security-oriented breaches and threats.  "We have partnered with SecureSet, the nation's foremost cyber security educational resource and university, to train our colleagues to be a more secure partner," he said.  "In addition, our technology team has made investments such as cyber security insurance, retained the services of a leading information security services company to assist with securing internal information assets, incident response planning, incident assistance if a data breach were to occur, and to perform intermittent network penetration testing."

Weikel said they've also invested in internal controls, including next-gen firewalls, encrypted network credentials, secure access protocols, username and password programs, and what he characterized as a "robust colleague integrity program."  "We consider this barometer for the kind of partner you should be choosing when considering physical security integration companies." he said.

Larson said the company continues to invest in its colleagues, processes and resources as needed by clients.  "We are most excited about our Learning Center and bring value-based education to our clients and the market," he said.  "Further adaptation is always based on the needs of our clients and direction of our industry technology."  Leadership also noted the company plans to bring its VTI University speaker series to the Greater Omaha area this year, which will be hosted at the Learning Center.  More details for the summer series may be posted on social media an its website during the first quarter. 

When asked about company differentiators, Fisher emphasizes the performance-driven natuire of the industry when quoting the late ITT Corp. businessman Harold Geneen: "Words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises - but only performance is reality."   "As for philanthropy, we take a vested interest in the interests of our colleagues, championing the organizations they champion," he said.  "From a company perspective, we support the Fisher House."  The organization provides no-cost housing for military families, which is close to where a loved one is receiving treatment for illness, disease, or injury.

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