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TEC: Premier Security Education & Networking Event

Posted on Wednesday, March 14, 2018

TEC, presented by PSA Security Network, continues to grow in both size and impact.  VTI Security is a proud member/owner and was vested heavily in this years' programs.  TEC is a week of manufacturer certification training courses, industry subject matter expert presentations, panel conversations over today - and tomorrow's - industry topics, and premier networking for the security industry.  Held in downtown Denver, this uniquely Colorado event serves as a great resource for our Colleagues.  

Continuing Education is a cornerstone of our foundation.  Empowering our Trusted Business Partners with the information, insight, and elevated conversation we gain from these investments of time, resources, and energy furthers our ability to serve each of them, as well as, our Colleagues.  The State of the Industry is strong and we are proud to not only be a part of it, but to be shaping it. 
PSA is the world’s largest systems integrator cooperative made up of the most progressive security and audio-visual systems integrators in North America. Combined, PSA members boasts over 400 branch locations, employ over 7,500 industry professionals and are responsible for over $4.5 billion annually in security, fire, life safety and pro audio-visual installations.  PSA’s mission is to empower its owners to become the most successful systems integrators in the markets they serve. PSA brings this mission to life by partnering with industry leading product and solution providers, delivering unparalleled education and training programs and by offering a variety of distinctive services that can enhance any company’s operations.

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Bridging the Gap: Physical, Logical, & Cyber Security

Posted on Friday, March 09, 2018

VTI Security enjoys a unique, strategic, and Trusted Business Partnership with SecureSet (www.secureset.com).  Our dynamic relationship affords both of our companies a number of advantages, but possibly none greater than the opportunity to teach, to fuel discovery, and to excite the minds of future players in the cyber arena.  "To teach is to learn twice over." - Joseph Joubert.

This past week Professors Angelo Trujillo, Katie McLean, and Stephen Fisher joined a full class of this semesters CORE program at SecureSet's new downtown Denver campus to discuss physical security technologies, processes, and tradecraft.  

Special thanks to Bret Fund and the SecureSet Team for continuing to demonstrate that Trusted Business Partnerships are a foundation for success.  To learn more about the education programs available at SecureSet, please visit www.secureset.com.  To learn more about VTI Security and our VTI University Educational Series, please contact VTI Security at stephen.fisher@vtisecurity.com.

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Posted on Monday, March 05, 2018

The Upper Midwest Chapter of the International Association for Healthcare Security & Safety (IAHSS) held their chapter meeting in March at the VTI Security Learning Center.  The Chapter, led by Stephen Daniel -System Director of Security & Emergency Management for Fairview Health Systems, places an emphasis on education.  

This session was joined by Joshua Cummings, Director of Engineering Services for VTI Security to discuss trends in the physical security technology space and their impact in the healthcare arena.

The International Association for Healthcare Security and Safety (IAHSS) is the only organization solely dedicated to professionals involved in managing and directing security and safety programs in healthcare facilities. IAHSS is a professional association with more than 2,000 members who are healthcare security, law enforcement, safety and emergency management leaders.  For nearly fifty years, IAHSS has educated and served members and the profession by offering exclusive resources and benefits including industry and design guidelines, local and international educational and networking opportunities, and the celebrated bi-annual Journal of Healthcare Protection Management.  IAHSS has certified tens of thousands of dedicated professionals who keep healthcare facilities, patients, staff and visitors safe. IAHSS offers the Basic, Advanced and Supervisor certifications, a Safety Certificate Program, and maintains the prestigious Certified Healthcare Protection Administrator (CHPA) certification, the standard for the healthcare security leader dedicated to the profession.  

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Omaha MBJ: "Move to Full-Service Facility Represents Expansion in Metro for VTI Security"

Posted on Monday, February 05, 2018

As written in the January 26th Edition of Midlands Business Journal by Becky McCarville:

Since opening in 2015, VTI Security's Omaha office has grown from two colleagues and an 800 sf office to 10 colleagues and a 5,000 sf facility it recently moved into, according to Account/Project Manager Matt Larson.  The new location boasts a full warehouse, elevated dock for large items, a lab for set-up, complete office space, and the company's third Learning Center.  "Omaha, like many of offices in the U.S., was opened in response to the request of a trusted business partner building a major data center in the area," said Larson, who runs the local office.  "Our commitment and investment in Omaha continues."

VTI Security was founded in 1980, in response to client needs for an integration partner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market, and offers, design, install, and support services for a full range of advanced security technologies.

"Omaha aligned with a number of aspects in how we look at our business and growth strategy," said Director of Business Development Stephen Fisher.  "Like Milwaukee, Denver and Amarillo, our clients drove our need to be present in Omaha."  Fisher noted VTI Security enjoyed business in the metro for many years.  "And with a large client requiring a full-time presence, it opened the door to be able to service and support our base directly, as opposed to through our partner networks developed over 35 years," he said.  Fisher also noted the Omaha location aligns geographically between existing brick and mortar in the middle of the U.S.  He continued: "Our due diligence identified a number of exciting advances in health care, technology (and/or) data centers, and utility (and/or) energy investments in this market.  There is a growth energy here."

For example, leadership reports a full range of clients in the above areas in teh metro, as well as, in education and local and state government.  "We've found the end-users in Omaha are quite educated and eager to find a trusted business partner who values education, the ability to develop forward-thinking and strategic plans for the horizon, and who understand the importance of performance," Fisher said.  "There seems to be an importance placed on investing in leading companies in our industry that are proven - not by how long they've been here, but by the people whose trust they have earned."

Senior Account Manager Gary Wiekel referred to the firm's recent investments in training, leadership, and certification in direct response to the increase in security-oriented breaches and threats.  "We have partnered with SecureSet, the nation's foremost cyber security educational resource and university, to train our colleagues to be a more secure partner," he said.  "In addition, our technology team has made investments such as cyber security insurance, retained the services of a leading information security services company to assist with securing internal information assets, incident response planning, incident assistance if a data breach were to occur, and to perform intermittent network penetration testing."

Weikel said they've also invested in internal controls, including next-gen firewalls, encrypted network credentials, secure access protocols, username and password programs, and what he characterized as a "robust colleague integrity program."  "We consider this barometer for the kind of partner you should be choosing when considering physical security integration companies." he said.

Larson said the company continues to invest in its colleagues, processes and resources as needed by clients.  "We are most excited about our Learning Center and bring value-based education to our clients and the market," he said.  "Further adaptation is always based on the needs of our clients and direction of our industry technology."  Leadership also noted the company plans to bring its VTI University speaker series to the Greater Omaha area this year, which will be hosted at the Learning Center.  More details for the summer series may be posted on social media an its website during the first quarter. 

When asked about company differentiators, Fisher emphasizes the performance-driven natuire of the industry when quoting the late ITT Corp. businessman Harold Geneen: "Words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises - but only performance is reality."   "As for philanthropy, we take a vested interest in the interests of our colleagues, championing the organizations they champion," he said.  "From a company perspective, we support the Fisher House."  The organization provides no-cost housing for military families, which is close to where a loved one is receiving treatment for illness, disease, or injury.

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Honored by the ESGR - Patriotic Employer

Posted on Thursday, January 18, 2018

The VTI commitment to our military was honored recently by the ESGR - Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve.  Specifically, we are proud to recognize our colleague Chris Adelman, Operations Supervisor & Account Project Manager, Wisconsin.  Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve is the lead Defense Department program promoting cooperation and understanding between civilian employers and their National Guard and Reserve employees.  

Chris and our Wisconsin Team Leader, Dan Krueger, were joined by ESGR Representative Craig McKinley to accept two awards - one for Chris' dedication to working with our colleague Tony Balistreri currently deployed overseas and a second acknowledging VTI Security and our ongoing commitment to our men and women in uniform that serve our great country day in and day out.  Chris was nominated by Tony for this prestigious recognition.

VTI Security is a Proud Supporter of Those Who Serve.  Each of our colleagues are stewards and architects of our company culture and seeing it on full display brings great pride and joy to our entire team.  Well done, Chris.  And God Speed, Tony.....

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Funday Isn't Just for Sundays @ VTI

Posted on Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Our Minneapolis Team has turned Sunday Funday into Friday Funday including Flannel Friday, Graphic Tee Shirt Friday, Ugly Sweater Friday, Crazy Hat Friday and more.  Enjoy some pics of our Colleagues trying to out-do each other!.....

This last photo marks a 'Years of Service Color Day'.  

Tan 0-5 Years
Blue 6-10 Years
Red 11-20 Years
Black 21-30 Years
Green 31+ Years

Funday Friday continues in 2018.................

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Collaborate to Educate: VTI @ the SecureSet Academy

Posted on Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The partnership between SecureSet and VTI Security continues at the Colorado Springs campus.  Joshua Cummings, Katie McLean, and Stephen Fisher joined this semesters' graduating class of Cyber Security Professionals for a high level view of physical security technologies.  

SecureSet is a cybersecurity academy with the mission of transforming and securing the world by educating a new generation of cybersecurity professionals.  With campuses in Denver, CO, Colorado Springs, CO and Tampa, FL, SecureSet aims to provide the most complete, immersive and compressed cybersecurity education out there, in order to help career seekers secure their future and the future of organizations and information worldwide.

CORE students graduate with the sought after knowledge and tradecraft for immediate employment as tier 1+ security engineers, analysts, pen testers and consultants. The evolution from general IT to cybersecurity can take five to 10 years. The CORE does it in as little as 20 weeks.

To learn more about CORE and HUNT programs offered by SecureSet, please visit www.secureset.com.  To learn more about how VTI Security is becoming a more Secure Partner for our clients, please contact Stephen Fisher at stephen.fisher@vtisecurity.com.

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'Tis the Season: Ringing the Bell in Wisconsin

Posted on Monday, December 11, 2017

Russell Ziemann, Senior Account Manager for VTI Security out of our Milwaukee office, spent the past two weekends volunteering for the Salvation Army of Kenosha County on 75th Street.  "I met some generous people and am excited to be doing my part."  Russell looks good in red, don't you think?  Here he is joined by his daughter Ashley and her friend, Adrianna.

The Salvation Army of Kenosha County says they are "Here for the homeless, the unemployed, the victims of trafficking, of addiction, the lonely and the lost. The Salvation Army works every day to make life better for countless people in our community."  Learn more about this great organization here:  www.salvationarmywi.org/wum/kenosha.  

Thanks, Russell, for sharing with our community.

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Godspeed: VTI Colleague Deployments

Posted on Thursday, December 07, 2017

As the New Year approaches, we wanted to highlight a couple of VTI Colleagues who will be deploying overseas on behalf of our Nation.  We wish you safe journey, are sending your families at home positive energy, and thank you for your Service.

Human Resources Generalist II, Ricky Hayman, will be deploying on January 2nd, 2018.  Ricky is an O3-E/Captain, Psychological Operations - part of the USACAPOC (United States Army Civil Affairs and Psychological Operations Command).  He has served for 22 years.  Ricky shapes the battle space through persuasion and influence.  On this deployment he will be planning and coordinating the psychological operations strategies, programs, and activities throughout his sphere of influence.  This is Ricky's 2nd deployment to the Middle East and 12th Mobilization and is expected to be in service for 10 months.  Supporting Ricky are his wife Ashley and 16 year old daughter Langley.

Security System Technician ,Tony Balestreri, will be deploying January 4th, 2018.  Tony is an E6 Tech Seargent - part of the 128th Air Refueling Wing/Logistics Readiness Squadron.  He has served for 17 years.  Tony "drives the big green trucks" and serves the logistics of keeping our KC135 Stratotankers ready for service.  This is Tony's 3rd deployment to the Middle East and 7th mobilization and is expected to be in service for 6 months.  Supporting Tony are his wife April and 8 week old son Anthony.  He was joined by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at his Deployment Ceremony.

Godspeed, Gentlemen.  We hope your holiday finds you and your family well.  Should our Colleagues or Trusted Business Partners feel moved to support the Hayman and Balestreri families, please contact Becca Rausenberger, Director, Human Resources at becca.rausenberger@vtisecurity.com.

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VTI Security Expands Greater Omaha Presence

Posted on Sunday, December 03, 2017

VTI Security expands in Omaha

Company increases its office space from 800 to 5,000 square feet in the area
Friday, December 1, 2017

BURNSVILLE, Minn.—VTI Security, a national commercial integrator based here, is expanding its presence in Omaha, Neb., moving to a larger office and increasing its employee count in the area.

VTI first opened an office in Omaha in 2015, with two employees and an 800 square foot space. Now, the company has about 10 employees in the area and is moving to a recently remodeled 5,000 square-foot facility. The company has been building out the space since late 2016 and signed the lease on the space Oct. 1 this year.

“We’ve had steady and consistent growth. … In the last roughly five years, we’ve grown from around $30 million to exceeding $60 million [in annual revenues]. At the same time—doubled the size of our employee population,” Viau said.

In addition to Omaha, the company has branch offices in Milwaukee; Denver; Colorado Springs, Colo.; Cheyenne, Wy.; Amarillo, Texas; and Dallas. VTI has about 220 total employees across its locations, with the majority based in Minnesota and Denver, Viau said.

The new space in Omaha has “a full warehouse, elevated dock for receiving large items, a lab for the set-up and deployment of test and beta equipment—or a place for our technicians to settle in, a full office space and then a training center—what we call a learning center,” Viau said.

The increased space also shows VTI’s commitment to the Omaha market—to both its customers and its employees, Viau said. The build-out “will help our branding and reputation. I think that helps us when people are saying, ‘I may have never heard of VTI in Omaha before—tell me about them.’”

The new learning center in Omaha has space for 35 people, he noted, which can be used for manufacturer presentations or VTI University, an educational program for customers.

“We remodeled the Minnesota office a little over two years ago and built a similar training/learning center that seats 85 and two years before that we remodeled our Colorado office [in Denver], and built a learning/training center that seats 50,” Viau said. 

VTI aims to include local flavor in the design of each office, such as architecture, while also keeping some elements consistent across the company’s branches, including furniture, Viau said.

Viau added that VTI Security will be focused on expanding its presence in the Dallas market. “Our focus [for] the remainder of this year and next year is really to try to introduce ourselves to a broader group of potential customers and introduce them to VTI,” he said. 

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