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All Gave Some, Some Gave All - Memorial Day 2017

Posted on Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Memorial Day, originally called Decoration Day, is a day of remembrance for those who have died in service of the United States of America.  VTI pays its respects to the men, women, and families of our military in a number of ways - some known, some done quietly.  

Beyond D.C. and the hills across the Key Bridge in Northern Virginia, we have the privilege to honor Memorials every day at VTI.  Whether its driving past Fort Snelling National Cemetery arriving or departing from the airport in Minneapolis, 

or the new Omaha National Cemetery under construction down the street from our Silicon Prairie office,

the opportunity to recognize those who have given is near.  Places like the Milwaukee VA Soldiers Home,

and the Armed Forces Tribute Garden up the street from our Arvada, Colorado office.

From the Texas Panhandle War Memorial in Amarillo,

to the Cedar Park Veterans Memorial Park along the Triangle between Dallas and Austin,

as the weekend approaches, we want to thank our Colleagues who have served and pay homage to those who gave all to our freedom and way of life.  Please celebrate responsibly and enjoy the long weekend.  God Bless America.
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UPDATE: Smart Surveillance Symposium 2017

Posted on Thursday, May 18, 2017

This week VTI co-hosted the Smart Surveillance Symposium with our Trusted Business Partners at OppenheimerFunds, Briefcam, and Genetec.  WIth the full support of James Johnson, AVP Corporate Security, the OppenheimerFunds Auditorium welcomed decision makers from across the security spectrum for an educational speaking engagement.  

In addition to our technology sponsors Briefcam and Genetec, our featured speakers included Terry Schmidt of the Overland Park Police Department, Bob Grado and Steven Eubanks of the Regional Transportation District (RTD), and Craig Inglish from the Public Safety segment of Genetec.  Well attended, this event served to further our commitment to education.  The VTI-U Education Series is an on-going commitment and responsibility to empower our clients, partners, and colleagues with the information they need to make informed decisions.  Facilitating conversations and networking between leaders in our space fuels the value of our Trusted Business Partnerships.  

Many thanks to all who attended.  Enjoy some pictures from this unique and exclusive event.  To learn more about the VTI-U Education Series and to be registered for horizon events, please contact Stephen Fisher at stephen.fisher@vtisecurity.com.

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ASIS Heartland Chapter Tournament Fundraiser

Posted on Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Oak Hills Country Club & Golf Course in Omaha, Nebraska hosted this years ASIS Heartland Chapter Tournament Fundraiser.  Lead by Tournament Chairman and VTI Account Manager Gary Weikel, over 100 security professionals in the Greater Omaha area came together to benefit the Omaha Outward Bound "Police Youth Challenge Program".  

Our company supported this cause as a Gold Sponsor and welcomed Trusted Business Partners for a great day of laughter, raffles, and plenty of divots.  Enjoy some pics of our Colleagues and Clients supporting this great cause.

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VTI Collaborates with FLIR & Spotter RF for Substation Solutions

Posted on Wednesday, May 03, 2017

The following White Paper /  Case Study has been published in support of our on-going investment in securing North America's infrastructure. Having deployed solutions throughout the United States for clients delivering electricity, wind, and solar, VTI is supported by a large number of colleagues who have undergone extensive NERC, FERC, and compliance training in support of the industries we serve and our individual clients.  Our deliver capacity includes remote field considerations, power stations, and every aspect of maintaining business continuity within the critical infrastructure demands of the markets we operate and live in.

FLIR pan tilt cameras, Spotter RF compact surveillance radar, and VTI Security performance deliver superior perimeter detection for remote electrical sub stations

Combining radio detection and ranging (RADAR) with thermal imaging technologies produces unparalleled monitoring coverage and perimeter protection for power plants and electrical substations. By integrating SpotterRF Compact Surveillance Radars (CSR) with FLIR PT-Series cameras, end users gain exceptional situational awareness, both inside the substation and beyond the fence line. This cost-effective solution requires substantially less infrastructure than other fence line detection systems and yields higher accuracy.

There are over 55,000 electrical substations in the United States. These substations, along with power plants and transmission lines, provide power for millions of people. It is imperative that these locations remain secure from intrusion and sabotage. If just a handful of these substations were rendered inoperable, the U.S. could face a serious blackout.

The 2013 sniper attack on PG&E Corporation’s Metcalf transmission substation, which knocked out several transformers and totaled over $15 million in damages, was a catalyst for the Federal Energy Regulation Commission (FERC) establishing new security standards for utilities. One of the most notable policies introduced was the Critical Infrastructure Protection Standard 014 (CIP-014). This statute requires utilities to identify “mission critical” facilities and assets, conduct a security inspection to identify threat, and implement a security system to address those risks.

In response to security incidents such as Metcalf and other FERC activities, a large electrical utility with hundreds of substations across the country, looked to expand security beyond its fence line. The end user wanted to enhance and possibly replace traditional fence protection systems, including fiber optics, microwave barriers, and video analytics as these systems all proved to be costly, as well as time and labor intensive. In the end, the utility company relied on VTI Security for a recommendation.

Finding a Solution

VTI Security, based in Burnsville, Minnesota, is an industry-leading integrator that has been servicing security needs in the commercial, utility and oil and gas sectors for over 35 years. To determine the best system for its end user, VTI reviewed six different technologies, including some with multiple vendors of various solutions. VTI also tested systems in in field deployments and conducted a cost analysis. The integrator concluded that SpotterRF’s product was superior to all others and selected it as its sole radar standard for perimeter solutions.

“Our findings were that SpotterRF not only provided the most comprehensive detection in a substation environment, but SpotterRF was also by far the most cost-effective total solution based on the ability to mount equipment on existing structures,” said Jerry Klapak, Senior Account Manager for VTI Security.

SpotterRF, based in Orem-Utah, provides perimeter protection through its patented Compact Surveillance Radar (CSR) systems, which provide up to 300 acres of radar tracking power in a hand held, four-pound device. The CSRs enable security monitors to never be blind, providing 100 percent coverage, 24 hours a day, in all weather conditions. They are designed to detect threats up to 3300 feet beyond the fence line and provide early warnings to staff before situations escalate.

Upon selecting a radar system, VTI needed a video manufacturer to supply cameras to deploy with the radar. In 2015, the integrator approached the leader in thermal imaging and perimeter security, FLIR Systems, for a solution. FLIR’s PT-Series was selected for the project.

“The ability for FLIR's products to perform beyond published performance specifications was a surprise we don’t often see,” said Klapak. “Each product exceeded published performance metrics on our field testing and actual deployments.”

The PT-Series is FLIR’s offering of high performance, multi-sensor pan/tilt dual cameras that feature both thermal and visible-light imaging. The system is known for providing the highest precision. The pan/tilt mechanism gives end users accurate pointing control, while providing fully programmable scan patterns, as well as radar slew-to-cue and slew-to-alarm functions.

Seamless Integration

With the radar and thermal technologies selected, VTI worked to ensure seamless integration and performance between the systems.

“We worked with each company’s support and development teams as well as the VMS manufacturer to ensure the technologies not only worked with one another, but also met the client’s needs for bandwidth consumption and VMS interface and display,” said Klapak.

Together, SpotterRF C20 and C40 radars and FLIR PT-Series cameras deliver maximum coverage and perimeter protection.

"The FLIR PT-Series, when deployed with SpotterRF, can cover a wide area of substation footprint. It is a cost-effective solution for substations needing to monitor the perimeter as well as inside the yard," said Michael Chaffee, Director of Business Development at FLIR Systems. “The speed at which the FLIR PT-Series slews to the cue of the SpotterRF detection is impressive."

When someone walks into the field of view of SpotterRF’s C20 or C40 radar, the radio waves bounce off the person and back to the radar, which then calculates the precise GPS location of the target and target size. The radars then tell the FLIR PT-Series camera to zoom to that location. The camera automatically stays on the target, moving with and tracking it. Because the radars control the cameras, the cameras only move upon detection, which significantly extends the shelf life of the cameras and allows them to last for years without replacement.

Technology Impact

This FLIR and SpotterRF solution addresses an important pain point for the perimeter security and intrusion detection market.

“In the past, utilities tried to use video analytics to find targets. Because these systems were outdoors, a number of environmental factors affected performance, including weather, lighting and moving trees,” said Logan Harris, CEO of SpotterRF. “However, by combining our radar with FLIR’s pan tilt thermal cameras, you’re able to solve this problem.”

He added, “Together, SpotterRF’s radar technology and FLIR’s thermal imaging are able to locate a person in a 15 or 100 acre space, see hundreds of yards beyond the fence line, cue the camera, and alert the personnel all without the help of an operator.”

In the past, only military organizations could access this level of advanced technology. Now, the FLIR and SpotterRF solution makes this security capability accessible and affordable for critical infrastructure, power distribution and commercial applications.


"Our client is very pleased with the ability of the technologies to provide security for their critical sites," said Klapak. He added, "One surprising benefit was the ability to use both the thermal cameras and radars for additional security and production uses. They now use the radars to activate security lighting based on motion within and outside the fences. This provides not only a green approach to security by lowering energy costs but also improves customer relations by reducing light pollution in residential neighborhoods."

The entire team was also impressed by the solution’s minimal installation time.  Unlike deploying fiber optic cables on fence lines, which requires months for digging trenches, the FLIR and SpotterRF solution allows you to mount the radars and cameras on control shacks and lattice poles. This process only requires a week for installation.  “The deployment occurred 4x faster than was anticipated,” said Harris. “VTI installed the systems at 25-30 sites in just three months.” VTI began installation in 2016 with plans to roll out the solution in a phased approach as part of a multi-year plan. Approximately 50-75 sites will deploy the solution. On average, each substation has two FLIR PT-Series cameras and four SpotterRF radars (two per camera).

To learn more about these solutions you can visit www.flir.com, www.spotterrf.com, or www.vtisecurity.com.  

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Who Love's Dogs?

Posted on Monday, May 01, 2017
Philanthropy is more than just a charitable donation. In collaboration with our Colleagues and the organizations they champion, we work to create a personal, measurable difference in the communities where we live and work.  

In support of our Colleague, Andrew Lindquist, we wanted to highlight the work he does to support Receive a Golden of Minnesota (www.ragom.com).  With an ever-growing group of volunteers, RAGOM has re-homed more than 6,000 Golden Retrievers since 1985.  They are now in a new era of RAGOM with a dedicated effort to organize the group, expand their area, and to utilize all of the resources of the internet to help more dogs than ever before.  VTI has contributed to the annual fundraiser for RAGOM and hopes to be able to continue to fuel Andy's passion for compassion.

Enjoy some pics of Andy this past weekend making an impact....

Looks like Forrest may have found a home....
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ASIS Heartland Chapter Golf Tourney Fundraiser

Posted on Thursday, April 27, 2017

Tournament Chairperson and VTI Senior Account Manager, Gary Weikel, invites you to register for a great event in Omaha.  The ASIS Heartland Chapter will be hosting registered guests and sponsored participants on Monday, May 15th at Oak Hills Country Club.  This years fund raising efforts support the Omaha Outward Bound School's "Police Youth Challenge Program".  This program brings together local youth and Omaha police officers to solve challenges through thoughtful communication and teamwork.

To learn more about Omaha Outwards Bound School please visit www.outwardboundomaha.org.  For information about registration and the Heartland Chapter of ASIS please contact Tournament Chairperson Gary Weikel at 402.210.2839 or via email at gary.weikel@vtisecurity.com.

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SECURITY EVENT COLORADO - Smart Surveillance Symposium 2017

Posted on Monday, April 17, 2017

In collaboration with our Trusted Business Partners at OppenheimerFunds, Genetec, and Briefcam, VTI Security is pleased to present a unique security event in Colorado:  Smart Surveillance Symposium 2017.


This is a no-charge, no-sales, peer-to-peer educational event designed to empower stakeholders & influencers from across the security spectrum – users tasked with meeting the demands of information management in the physical security arena. 


Featured Speakers include:

§  Bob Grado & Steve Eubanks – Regional Transportation District, Colorado: sharing their story of growth, technology utilization, and investigative proficiency

§  Terry Schmidt, Detective/Police Technology – Overland Park Police Department, Kansas: discussing how security technologies deliver efficiency & resolve in today’s arena

§  Phillip Bays, Senior IT Supervisor – City of Austin, Texas:  ideas on how the administration of information in collaboration with IT is critical to your success

§  Craig Inglish, BDM Public Safety Solutions – Genetec:  showcasing the power of case management software bringing together every piece of your data for reporting


Event Information:

§  Date: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

§  Time: 9:00AM – 11:30AM

§  Location: OppenheimerFunds DTC Auditorium, 6801 South Tucson Way, Englewood, Colorado 80112

§  RSVP: gina.barcelona@vtisecurity.com or direct via phone 720.382.1424




This exclusive engagement will be well attended by CSO, CISO, IT, Security, Operations, and those from the Investigation community.  Space will be limited…please RSVP accordingly.


We look forward to Learning and Sharing with you in May.

To learn more about this event, registration for this event, or to gain access to the complete event information, please contact Stephen Fisher, Director, Business Development at VTI Security - Stephen.fisher@vtisecurity.com

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Cultivating the VTI Community at ISC West 2017

Posted on Monday, April 10, 2017

ISC West is in the books.  Over 29,000 registered attendees met in the desert for what has become the largest security conference in the United States.  The VTI Community was brought together by the efforts of Gina Barcelona and Bonnie Carpenter to include meeting space for our Account Managers and Trusted Business Partners, travel and entertainment logistics, event registration, and our annual VTI Cocktail Reception at Morel's Steakhouse sponsored by ScanSource and attended by over 100 clients, partners, and friends of the business.  The Show was an overwhelming success.

Thanks to both of them and to our Leadership Team for continuing to cultivate the unique culture that is VTI Security.  Enjoy some moments captured from the week!

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Recognizing Vietnam Veterans Day 2017

Posted on Wednesday, March 29, 2017

VTI Security is proud to recognize the first, official Vietnam Veterans Day.

Wednesday marks a monumental day in U.S. history. Exactly 44 years ago on March 29, 1973, the last remaining American troops withdrew from Vietnam, and President Nixon declared “the day we have all worked and prayed for has finally come.” Many veterans were treated poorly upon returning home because the war was unpopular, and they blamed the tragic situation in Vietnam on the troops.  But 44 years later, those veterans are finally receiving official recognition thanks to efforts from Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly.  Donnelly co-authored the Vietnam War Veterans Recognition Act (S. 305) with U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey from Pennsylvania.  The Senate approved the bipartisan bill on February 8, and it was approved by the House on March 21. President Trump signed the bill into effect last night.

To our Colleague, our Clients, our Partners, and our Families....thank you for your service.

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ISC West 2017 & Connected Expo & Unmanned Expo

Posted on Tuesday, March 14, 2017

ISC West is the largest security industry trade show in the United States.  VTI collaborates with our discerning clients to navigate the floor, coordinate meetings with solutions providers to demonstrate technology and complete due diligence in support of Strategic Security Planning, and to connect with the influencers and stakeholders driving the conversation in our profession.  As always, a large contingent of Colleagues will be in attendance to serve our Clients.  To learn more about ISC West you can visit www.iscwest.com or contact Stephen Fisher at VTI Security to learn how our company can support your investment in Las Vegas at stephen.fisher@vtisecurity.com

In addition to over 1,000 exhibitors and brands on display, there are two additional events running simultaneously at ISC West:

Unmanned Security Expo:  an all-new event launching within ISC West focused on Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Unmanned Ground Robotics & Vehicles (UGVs), and the various software and applications that support them.

Connected Security Expo:  CSE moved to the ISC West Show Floor this year.  As the digital and physical worlds collide, it is increasingly important for industry professionals to protect thier organizations and clients from both physical and cyber threats.  CSE provides holistic solutions for today's connected organizations.  We highly recommend attending in collaboration with your IT colleagues to maximize your learning curve.

See you in Vegas!

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