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“In business, words are words, explanations are explanations, promises are promises, but only performance is reality.” – Harold G. Geneen


On our Team, we understand and respect the value of each member. We think of one another as Colleagues.

We Are One VTI

Our clients and our industry see the full VTI enterprise as One. We pledge to be trustworthy, respectful, and accountable.


We hire Colleagues with the capacity to make decisions on behalf of our Clients and our Business.


“Collectively, our Colleagues set and guide our vision – creating an environment where a culture of trust, mutual respect, and accountability can flourish. Our leadership team is entrusted with building upon our foundation and serving our Colleagues, our Clients, and the communities we live and work.”

  • Tom Asp

    Thomas Asp
    President & CEO

  • Tom Asp

    Rick Allan

  • Tom Asp

    Linda Larish

  • Bryan Viau

    Bryan Viau

  • John Nowak

    John Nowak
    SVP, Sales & Business Development

  • Becca Rausenberger

    Becca Rausenberger
    Director of Human Resources


VTI Security was formed in 1980 in response to client needs for a quality integration partner in the Minneapolis/St. Paul market. Privately owned, we have focused on strategic growth built upon Trusted Business Partnerships, investment in our Colleagues, and remaining at the forefront of applications. Our development is a direct result of our ability to support and deliver on customer performance expectation. Expansion to CO, NE, TX, WY, and WI has been in collaboration with key clients – mutually building our businesses in the markets we serve and live.

Today, our Company is consistently recognized by our global industry as one of the Top Integrators. Our focus remains squarely on what got us here with additional emphasis on future-proofing solutions, leading the migration of technologies, and empowering our Clients with the information necessary to be in front of the curve when operating in their stakeholder environments.
We believe this kind of value is at the foundation of our responsibility.


Philanthropy is more than just a charitable donation. In collaboration with our Colleagues and the organizations they champion, we work to create a personal, measurable difference in the communities where we live and work.

Vertical Markets






As your Trusted Business Partner, VTI is able to leverage experience, certification, and an in-depth understanding of the unique needs of your colleagues, facilities, the information you manage, and regulation impacting your operations.

We welcome the opportunity to collaborate with you and your stakeholders on the strategic planning associated with prioritization of projects, financial planning, technology migration, and leveraging the capital investments currently deployed.






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Oil & Gas

Our solutions and Service in the oil and gas industry have crossed all aspects of exploration, production, transport, refining, and critical infrastructure. Client engagements include operations in the Bakken, Powder River, Denver Basin, Niobrara, Permian, Eagle Ford, Marcellus, and beyond.

Safety qualification and performance ratings are a key performance indicator of the kind of Trusted Business Partner our Company is. Documentation and program outlines supporting our performance are available through PICS Auditing, ISNetworld, the Mine Safey & Health Administration, and the Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

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Having deployed solutions throughout the United States for clients delivering electricity, wind, and solar, VTI is supported by a large number of colleagues who have undergone extensive NERC, FERC and compliance training in support of the industry and our individual clients. Our delivery capacity includes remote field considerations, power stations, and every aspect of maintaining business continuity within the critical infrastructure demands of the markets we operate and live in.

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Physical security solutions for healthcare require harmony between safety, serviceability, patient care deliverables, and regulatory compliance. Whether it is a MOB, acute care facility, long term care , campus environment or Healthcare Group/Cooperative, VTI has been called upon to collaborate and deliver. Our solutions extend beyond typical physical security applications. We recognize the value in workflow management, limiting liability, and ensuring the patient care experience is of the highest caliber. This includes solutions that support distance and remote care, connected patient observation, RTLS, and beyond.

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VTI works with a wide array of mass transit systems including Rail, Aviation, Public Transportation, Logistics/Freight, and the Planning, Operations, Administration and Safety of each. We focus on leveraging technology to manage daily incidents, reduce congestion, and moving people, goods, services and information vital to the economy safely and efficiently. Our solutions help to solve common challenges faced in the transportation environment:

  • Real-time data utilization across multiple systems
  • Command Center Optimization; dispatching resources effectively
  • First-Responder coordination
  • Inter-Agency interoperability
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Financial Services

Our portfolio of Financial Services engagements includes national retail banking, global investment firms, international payment and credit companies, as well as, humanitarian organizations receiving and distributing financial aid. Together, we have built strategic plans with our clients to protect the integrity of personally identifiable information and to ensure compliance with variable regulatory mandates.

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Whether you are a local business, regional company, or a multi-location, enterprise organization, VTI has a proven delivery process to be able to effectively design, implement, and service your business.

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Municipal Government

VTI has taken a leadership position in the government arena by providing solutions emphasizing conformity to the advanced standards government agencies demand – technology performance, compliance, validation, and credentials. From city and county municipalities, to state agencies and federal organizations, we have collaborated with our clients to drive interoperability between departments…understanding fully the importance of communication between them.

While versed in the general contracting vehicle processes and associated buying exercises, we have built Trusted Business Partnerships with the most discerning of government agencies at all levels due to our intimate knowledge of their businesses and our design/build expertise - both tactical and strategic. We have designed, installed and serviced single locations, full campuses, and national enterprise deployments with a full suite of physical security solutions and associated infrastructure.

  • Over 30 City and County Governments
  • Federal Reserve Bank (of Kansas City; Denver Location)
  • Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; 9th District
  • Denver Federal Center / General Services Administration Campus
  • NREL: National Renewable Energy Lab(s) / U.S. Department of Energy – TOA Contract Holder on Campus
  • DEA: Drug Enforcement Administration / U.S. Department of Justice
  • ICE: U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement / U.S. Department of Homeland Security
  • IBC: Interior Business Center / U.S. Department of the Interior (formerly NBC: National Business Center)
  • EPA: Environmental Protection Agency / Office of Inspector General
  • UCAR: University Corporation for Atmospheric Research / National Science Foundation
  • U.S. Department of State – Colorado Data Center
  • GSA Contract #GS-07F-0490X
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Data Center Technology

As with all of our Partners, we structure Data Center solutions from a holistic design approach taking into consideration all aspects of technology available, physical building structure and location (stand alone facility v. floor of multi-tenant), as well as prevention through environmental design. While every Data Center presents a unique environment, our experience has provided a wealth of conversation around characteristics and logistics that are commonplace. We have completed confidential deployments for the largest financial institutions, the most advanced global technology companies, and for each of our Fortune 500 Partners – all demanding the highest level of expertise and execution. Those references are available upon NDA completion.

  • Hardened Perimeter: including gates, crash barriers and retractable bollards
  • Hardened Core/Layered Access: perimeter, interior, cage, rack, etc.
  • Redundant Utility Protection: including electricity, power, water, etc.
  • Environmental Systems Protection
  • Limited Entry Points
  • Network Operations Center
  • Co-Location Environments
  • Visitor Management
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Higher Education

In collaboration with some of the country’s largest institutions, our Company has executed physical security solutions that go beyond creating a safer environment to deliver and receive an education. We have been instrumental in accelerating incident detection and response time, ensuring interoperability between university departments, campus safety, and local law enforcement, as well as, leveraging campus infrastructure and IP networks to drive greater ROI and simplifying scalability.

One-Card Identification Programs, Campus-Wide Surveillance & Video Storage, Vehicle and Parking Applications, Residence Facility Design, and Mass Notification.

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The growth in aerospace research, development, and manufacturing has been coupled with growing policy guidance and the continued integration of public and private sectors. VTI has worked closely with a wide array of clients including Civil Aviation, Defense & Security, Space Systems, and Satellite Communications. We are deeply engaged in all aspects of security and compliance requirements and are able to extend our offerings to include UL2050 Certification and fully vetted Colleagues capable of operating in any of your environments.


With successful deployments and support in all 50 states, throughout North America – and beyond, VTI is positioned to support your requirements in virtually any urban or rural environment. Regional and national clients value our ability to maintain a personal relationship while performing on an enterprise level.

Process & Communication

We have invested in the tools necessary to ensure client communication, asset coordination, and support across our Reach. Whenever and wherever your requirements are, they are being cared for by your Trusted Business Partner.

Contracted Colleagues

Through our Contracted Colleagues and manufacturer partnerships, we are able to leverage thousands of colleagues to support the performance expectations we define together. While our eco-system affords a broad reach, your experience will remain with the familiar VTI culture you expect.


VTI recruits, trains, and retains highly experienced industry professionals. Our certified Colleagues provide clients with a confidence and peace of mind whether it is our Engineers, Project Managers, Technicians, or Account Managers.

  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE)
  • Microsoft Database Administrator (MCDA)
  • Comp TIA Network Plus
  • Comp TIA Security Plus Certified Professional
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)
  • Cisco Certified Sales Executive (CCSE)
  • Cisco Certified Project Managers (CCPM)
  • Cisco Certified Field Engineers (CCFE)
  • American Society for Industrial Security, Physical Security Professional (PSP)
  • ISN Frontline Project Management

Our Company has been recognized by our industry as a Top Integrator consistently for years. Our investment in Colleague Certification supports VTI’s influence on your behalf. We are a Platinum Level and Preferred Partner to most of the industry’s leading manufacturers.


VTI leads, maintains membership in, and supports a large variety of professional and industry organizations committed to education, certification, best practice, technical capacity, and beyond. We are highly engaged in the complexity of providing advanced security technologies.